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Insomnia Through the Looking-Glass

Originally posted on Facebook
I’ve just come back from Insomnia where they had a deal of any muffin and any coffee for €3, so I got a €2.50 muffin and €3.40 large mocha for that price. I was reminded of this piece from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.

For context, Alice was with a Sheep using knitting needles to row a boat.

“Are there many crabs here?” said Alice.

“Crabs, and all sorts of things,” said the Sheep: “plenty of choice, only make up your mind. Now, what DO you want to buy?”

“To buy!” Alice echoes in a tone that was half astonished and half frightened — for the oars, and the boat, and the river, had vanished all in a moment, and she was back again in the little dark shop.

“I should like to buy an egg, please,” she said timidly. “How do you sell them?”

“Fivepence farthing for one — Twopence for two,” the Sheep replied.

“Then two are cheaper than one?” Alice said in a surprised tone, taking out her purse.

“Only you MUST eat them both, if you buy two,” said the Sheep.

“Then I’ll have ONE, please,” said Alice, as she put the money down on the counter. For she thought to herself, “They mightn’t be at all nice, you know.”

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