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Labour Court corrects Cóir lie

Published on the Ireland for Europe blog

[wpaudio url=”http://blog.irelandforeurope.ie/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Karen-Coleman-COIR-.mp3″ text=”The Wide Angle, 4th September” dl=0]

On Karen Coleman’s The Wide Angle, a representative of Cóir was caught out lying in his interpretation of a Labour Court ruling. In attempting to use the EU rulings in other countries to claim that Irish labour law could be overturned, Manus MacMeanmain claimed that a ruling of the Irish Labour Court backed him up.

Towards the end of this segment, Kevin Duffy of the Labour Court called on the line to correct Mr MacMeanmain’s claims. You can hear him hear (12:15), “What the Court has said is exactly the opposite of what your speaker claims … The Court had simply stated that in the absence of regulation in Ireland, companies could operate under other rules, but of course, there is regulation, all of which has the force of law”. He said that Mr MacMeanmain either hasn’t read the judgement he refers to, or doesn’t understand it (14:25). Mr Duffy and the Labour Court were taking no position one way or other on the Lisbon Treaty or the campaign, but he felt that in circumstances where the Court was being misrepresented for political purposes, he had a duty to correct this.

It puts Joe Higgins comments on Prime Time last Thursday in a very interesting light.

Click on picture for video.

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