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Ganley does not trust Irish business

First published on the Ireland for Europe blog

[wpaudio url=”http://www.rte.ie/podcasts/2009/pc/pod-v-140909-28m12s-todaywithpatkenny.mp3″ text=”Today with Pat Kenny, 14th September.” dl=0]

In this morning’s Today with Pat Kenny, Declan Ganley dismissed out of hand those polled by IBEC, who stated by 86% that they believed a Yes vote was important or very important for economic recovery. Mr Ganley is perfectly entitled to side with the 14% of who did not see Lisbon as a vital part of the recovery, but to patronisingly call into question the ability of the 86% to understand the implications is surely a step too far in arrogance. He also continued to spread the accusation that there is a possibility of a common consolidated corporate tax base, despite the fact that our new guarantees ensure that there can be no threat to our corporate tax rates, which have proved so important in attracting firms to Ireland.

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