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Science fiction and the Irish question

In today’s new episode of Doctor Who, set in the 29th century, the Doctor refers to the still extant United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, now located on a single big spaceship (though there’s reference later to Scotland going their own way). Of course the very British Who would.

On the other hand, in the Star Trek universe, by 2024, according to Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The High Ground”, Irish unification had been achieved, sadly as a result of terrorism.

  1. Hugo Fitzpatrick
    11 April, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    I think the line was a bit of a surprise. But there were many flaws in the episode as it was.

    The 29th Century is rather soon for the Earth to be “super heated by solar flares”.

    Why the nation ships spread out so much is Beyond me. Britain and strangely Northern Ireland, less Scotland is flying through space on it’s own.

    Considering the wealth of Britain and it’s population how it remained the last nation not to leave earth is even more dumbfounding. Since Northern Ireland is also tagged on it is suggested that Ireland may have also left on it’s own or suffered , and so did many other sovereign nations or nation state ideal’s. Apparently… It is all very vague. They don’t actually mention other Nation Ships as the Spaceship Britain is floating on it’s own.

    The British in a stroke of moral ambiguity ignored the herorics of the space whale and maintained a police state to keep people in the dark over what they had done. No wonder the doctor was angry with everyone…

    Nothing was peachy about this episode. It was truly very dark, and a lot of Sci-fi type throw away lines were included. The quick plot and history filling was very very weak in comparison to other far future episode’s that haven’t mentioned anything to in-depths before. This time however Dr Who’s love for Britain seemed to go way to far. A strong episode, but with a shoddy back story.

    However considering Ireland’s looming long term debt, and the earth burning up in only 800 years time. Maybe the Spaceship Britain did the people of the North a super Favor letting them tag along.

  2. shaneheneghan
    6 March, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    I imagine the Beeb don’t want to rock the boat by suggesting a change in the integrity of the Union.

    Conversely, I imagine the producers of Star Trek are conscious of Irish America when they refer to a United Ireland.

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