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Nick Clegg and nativism

I had to laugh when I listened this morning to this week’s episode of The Bugle, recorded on Friday, where Andy and John had jokingly anticipated the reactionary end of the British tabloid press attacking Nick Clegg after his success at Thursday’s leaders’ debate for his international ties and family, in a similar fashion to some of the worst parts of the American press with Barack Obama. Well, right on form, The Sunday Mail today accused Nick Clegg of playing down his international background, “Revealed: The United Nations that make up Nick Clegg”, with a series of references to his family and those he has worked with, as if it were a case of MS that he had a duty to inform the British public of.

Mrs Clegg, 41, also described her husband as a ‘true internationalist’ – despite his repeated references during the leaders’ TV debate last week to the concerns of his constituents in Sheffield.

‘Nick has many international influences in his family and he has also worked in Hungary and Brussels, and he lived in the US,’ she said.

Indeed, Mr Clegg’s exotic lineage and cosmopolitan lifestyle is a world away from his gritty Yorkshire constituency.

The multilingual Lib Dem leader was born to a Dutch mother and a half-Russian father, and employs a German spin doctor. …

Mr Clegg, 43, plays down his international background. When it was pointed out that he was only a quarter English, he said: ‘Well, biologically…yeah. But I was born here, brought up here, went to school here, and I feel very proud to be British. I have been very fortunate to have different bits to my identity. That’s enriched me.’

Never disappoint, that crowd, do they? How long before they ask to see his birth cert?

For this, it’s worth playing the recent viral hit, The Daily Mail Song

  1. GetFamous
    23 April, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Interesting post and nice video. Nick Clegg is certainly causing a storm of interest as the chart showing Google searches for all three leaders shows http://getfamous.biz/2010/04/23/the-election-on-search/

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