About Me

I’m William Quill, from Bray, Co. Wicklow in Ireland. I am studying for a diploma in legal studies in the King’s Inns.

This posts on this blog were mainly written originally for here, with the odd few as noted originally published elsewhere. Unless stated, any views expressed are my own only.

I am an active member of Fine Gael, the largest party in the country, which is moderately conservative, and has since March 2011 led a coalition government with Labour. I am policy officer of Fine Gael LGBT. I was Director of Policy of Young Fine Gael from November 2010 to February 2012.

Politically, I consider myself liberal, in that I think that individuals thrive best in societies whose institutions allow both social plurality and diversity and have the right incentives for innovation and enterprise.

I am gay and issues relating to the advance of equality in this area are of particular importance to me.

I was previously a member of the Progressive Democrats, a liberal party founded in 1985, similar to the FDP in Germany. At the 2007 election the party was reduced from eight to two seats. In November 2008, I spoke in favour of the motion successfully proposed by the leadership to disband the party.

I can be contacted at williamquill@ gmail.com.

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